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Our company has over 25 years of experience working in the civil/infrastructure industry.

We collaborate with a range of organizations; including municipalities, utilities, site designers, environmental engineering firms, and multiple DOTs on transportation projects. Our primary role is to help companies implement and train their staff on the use of software that has been tailored to meet their specific needs.

MACER Technologies is a specialized drafting services provider that focuses on serving the civil/infrastructure industry using Autodesk AEC Collection products.

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We offer services in...

A fill-in when you need the resource, Civil 3D drafting experience, CAD drafting for civil projects.
Helping design team members on project work. Push the project forward when they get stuck, or need to move on to something more important.

Training Services:
The training we provide focuses on the Autodesk AEC Collection of products, developed to meet the unique requirements of your projects and design needs. We offer both on-site and remote sessions that can be conveniently scheduled to align with your preferences. Additionally, we provide mentorship to users as they apply their newly acquired skills to their project work.

Services including project work, custom part design, assembly libraries, data integration and cleanup, and storyboarding.
Infraworks is a broad tool - if there are other needs, we’d love to hear about how we might help you.

Custom design needs:

  • Subassembly Composer for unique sub assemblies

  • Quantity takeoff for pay item use

  • Survey database and point setup

  • Grading Optimization use

  • Project Explorer setup and use

Contact Us:
P.O. Box 581, Waukesha, WI 53187-0581

Tel: 262.720.5139
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